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8 Countries On My Bucket List

8 Countries On My Bucket List
Today, I’d like to eat my own words (I don’t believe in making a travel bucket list) and talk about my ultimate travel bucket list. Yes, I have always been reluctant or rather decisive about sharing my travel bucket list on the blog. I want my travel life to be spontaneous and I would like to share my ‘road experiences’ as and when they happen. However, I do have certain destinations on my mind that fascinate me for different reasons. I believe there are destinations that you get intrigued about by seeing their photos on a travel blog, magazine or maybe hear about them on a travel show, and then there are destinations that you fall in love with – those are your dream destinations. So, when I talk about bucket-list, I mean those destinations that I absolutely want to tick off before I die.
I’d like to mention that the first FOUR in the list are my absolute favourites. I have been dreaming of them for as long as I can remember.
Italy is a charmer. It’s a like that handsome, imperfect and incurably romantic man that I would want to be in love with. I am drawn to every bit of Italy – its nooks and corners, pizzas and pastas, wines and coffee, vineyards and sunshine. People usually talk about its architectural appeal and history, but I am more fascinated by its aura, its culture, lifestyle and romance. Places that I’d like to explore in Italy would be the Tuscan countryside, Puglia, Naples, Sorrento and of course, Venice.   
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Photo credit: 2luxury2.com


I have always been fascinated by the English life – the afternoon tea, the stately mansions, the pretty thatched roof houses, British ladies and their sophistication. Although I would like to travel through entire England, London has a special place in my heart. London perhaps is the most coveted (and you can even call it clichéd) destination in the world, but it’s still fresh and new for me.   

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I don’t know why but I find the Scottish mountains surreal. They just seem out of this world – fictitious. And then you have the castles that just add to the beauty. Besides, I find the name ‘Scotland’ very appealing. It just sounds so good that I feel like being there. 

Photo credit: andromedafree.it


Switzerland is definitely one of the countries that I can’t imagine not ticking off in my lifetime. Be it the Swiss Alps, the spotless countryside, the cute little open-air cafes or the Swiss chocolates – everything is simply charm personified. I’d like to admit that a lot of my inspiration to visit Switzerland has come from the movies that I have been watching since childhood, and also the travel shows on Television, but what I truly love about Switzerland is that it has got all the ingredients of a great destination – its lovely bucolic life blends effortlessly with the vivacity of its cities. 

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alps


Well, Jordan was not on my mind until a few months back when I found it on so many travel blogs and also as a dream sequence locale in a movie or two. I think it’s an extremely beguiling land! So yes, I have my eyes on Jordan.

Photo credit: pixgood.com


Morocco has grown on me. I got attracted to its desert, the blue alleyways, colourful markets and a certain mystical aura that I guess I can discover only when I visit it. I believe Morocco is beautiful in its own unique way, but more than that I am curious about it.

Photo credit: travelanthropist.com


I want to visit Norway for its sheer beauty. It seems to me a country that’s a storehouse of natural treasures. It almost feels like life is yet to begin there – the landscapes look so pure and divine.

Photo credit: lonelywolf2.deviantart.com


Slovenia is a stunning country! I mean whatever I have seen of it in the pictures is simply breathtaking. I am stuck with Ljubljana – the capital city of Slovenia. Again, the credit for the inspiration and fascination goes to travel blogs. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about Slovenia that’s just too exquisite to resist.

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What countries do you have on your bucket list?
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