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Have Fun With Your Travel Photos!

Have Fun With Your Travel Photos!
My travel photos are my most prized possession. I guess you’d say the same if you love traveling like me. Travel photos refresh memories. They take you on a virtual trip all over again – the desert of Rajasthan, the stunning streets of Sydney, the orchards of Kashmir and the beaches of Goa… What if you add a dash of fun and creativity to your pictures?
A beautiful collage or a pretty frame would just make the experience of viewing your travel photos even better. I recently came across Fotor, a free online photo editor that just sizzles up your travel photos! It’s an excellent way to put together all your favorite photos and flaunt them to your friends.
Take a look –
My most memorable moment in Kashmir framed. You can do it here
The sunshine of Hampi tunes in with Sydney’s carefree air. 
My many moods and moments from various vacations down the years…
Perky, spunky and cool… isn’t it?

Now be a Graphic Designer of your own!

Besides the easy and innovative frames and collages, what you must try is Fotor’s revolutionary feature – Graphic Design, which would allow you to experiment and discover new ways to beautify your images. Who wouldn’t want to have a smashing Facebook or a Twitter cover photo? 

Check out the following video to learn how to create stunning posters, banners and cards with their Graphic Design feature –

Fotor also has mobile app, which you can download here –
Which Fotor feature do you like the most?
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