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My Travel Plans For 2016

My Travel Plans For 2016
Yes, I know that I’m talking about my travel plans quite late. The first half of the year is almost over. Anyway, I really want to talk about what I anticipate this year travel-wise. Last year, I was pretty clear about where I wanted to go. I was able to tick off Gujarat and Kashmir. I couldn’t materialise Ladakh. So, some hits some misses there. But, this year I’m not so particular about where I want to go.
My marriage brought lots of travel for me.
Fortunately, I got to travel quite a lot since I got married. Thus, I have nothing to whine about. 2016 started on a good note when I visited Goa for a couple of days (with my husband), and then later I got an invite to review a resort property in Pali (Rajasthan), which gave me an excuse to visit Ajmer and Pushkar, too! And of course, I went to Italy for my honeymoon. So, the year has been good to me, so far!
Some travel plans lie in the backseat.
Though I’d like to tick off Ladakh this year, I’m not really hell-bent about it. I’ll certainly do it, but when everything is favourable – when I have sufficient funds to execute it. Also, I have Arunachal Pradeshon my mind, which I’d like to visit whenever I can.
A group tour is in the pipeline.
Besides my own travel plans, I’m contemplating on a new project. I’m planning to experiment with my tour planning skills and take group tours to destinations that I have been to. So yes, now my readers can follow my trails and live the unique experiences of the road with me!
My upcoming trip is to one of my “bucket-list”destinations!
I am so, so happy that I got an invite from Jordan Tourism Board to visit their country (along with other bloggers). I can’t believe that I’ll be in Jordan in a couple of days! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I’m super thrilled, which makes me a little introspective at the moment and look back on my early days of blogging. There was a phase when I really slogged to build my blog. It has been an amazing journey… Well, it’s not a post to dwell on travel blogging. So, back to my travel plans of 2016 – I’m going to Jordan.
I’m looking forward to a lot of impromptu travel plans this year.
As I mentioned earlier, my travel plans for this year are not very specific. I’m relying heavily on surprises, proposals and quick trips. But, I will definitely plan a solo trip to Arunachal Pradesh if my bank account allows me. Also, there is a possibility of a trip to Australia. The year seems to have a lot for me. I’m just wondering how each plan would work out. Phew!
What are your travel plans for 2016?
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