Monday, 16 January 2017

My Travel Plans For 2017

I have nothing on my mind right now. I don’t have a list of destinations to tick off this year. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m not craving to travel. My itchy feet can’t wait to set off on a new voyage. There are places where I have been longing to go for a while now, such as Kerala, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. Then I have a backlog of places (Ladakh) from my old wish-lists. Oh Ladakh…when will I get to see you?

Anyway, I really don’t care to tick off anything this year. I just want to travel on impulse. What I’m going to focus on is making enough money to be able to fund each trip in one shot. My style of travel is to book one thing at a time and not worry about what is to come. But, I’m going to change that now. I’ll have funds available for each part of my trip – travel, hotel, local transport, food or any other miscellaneous expense in advance, so that I’m more at peace. No adventure for me from now on (in terms of money).

So, what do I anticipate in 2017?

Set foot on at least one new state of India
Although I don’t have a list on mind, I’d like to work towards visiting at least one new state of India. It could be one of the seven-sister states – perhaps Meghalaya. I was able to travel to Arunachal Pradesh, and also got a glimpse of Assam last year. I aim to head to the Northeast at least once a year. It is definitely a different world altogether.

Revisit Australia
Besides my own whims and fancies, I have Australia in the pipeline. Though it’s going to be for personal reasons, I’d try and make it a travel blogging trip as well. I have certain destinations in mind, which I’d like to explore on my own. So, I’m going to do a bit of solo travelling in Australia and of course, quite a bit of couple travelling as well.

Some hidden, offbeat trails in Maharashtra
Since Maharashtra is my state now, I believe I should explore it. I’d love to discover some lesser-known places of Maharashtra. I think it’s always easier to travel within your own state than travel to far-flung places – it’s less expensive and it doesn’t really require too much of planning. Besides, I’m aware that Maharashtra is beautiful.

Get a new stamp on my passport. Who knows?
I have a ready suitcase to board a plane to an international destination. Although I’m focussing on India and there’s no planning and saving for a destination abroad, I’d jump at the idea of visiting a new country in 2017.

Well, if you are looking for an international holiday this year, Flamingo Travels has some nice international tour packages. How about Dubai shopping festival?

What about you? Is there any particular destination that you are planning to tick off in 2017?
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  1. Lovely. Hope you manage. I love - set foot in one new Indian state. Perhaps I'll borrow that idea from you.

    1. Yes, you must! India has so much...I think if we decide to explore at least one state in our country every year, we can experience so much as a traveler.

  2. We share the same plan of setting foot in one new Indian state every year. Last year it was Madhya Pradesh, this probably it should be between Rajasthan and Gujarat. North east is definitely very alluring to us also.

    1. Great to hear that! I think India is so diverse and interesting. Each state is a world in itself.

  3. Please do let me know if you get to Australia, particularly Melbourne this year!! Happy travels!

  4. Planning is important for travel as it helps to better manage our budget and time. Wish you all the best...

  5. I am also planning on my funds to fit the travelling through out 2017.

    1. That's great, Dipika! All the best!

  6. Myanmar (formerly Burma) is an all-time favorite place of mine. Everyone should experience the wonderful people and sights!


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