Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Resonance Of Udaipur

It’s sheer romance to sit by Lake Pichola in Udaipur. If I say the air is charismatic, you would probably think I am being too poetic, but isn’t beauty supposed to inspire? In one of my earlier posts Udaipur –Experience It, I just scratched the surface of what I really experienced in Udaipur. Of late, I have been mulling over the idea of digging a little deeper into ‘my impressions’ of the regal city.

I had a two day trip in Udaipur during the glitzy Indian festival Diwali. Although I didn't plan on things to do or see, here’s what I did and saw –


Royal maidens at Saheliyon Ki Bari
Saheliyon Ki Bari

Frankly, I had no idea about Saheliyon ki bari aka courtyard of the maidens until my cabby urged me to visit it. Well, I have to admit that I visited it reluctantly, because I am usually not too keen on gardens and museums. I found the history behind it quite endearing though. As the name suggests, it’s a garden of the royal maidens. It was built by a king for his queen, so that she could chill out with her girl friends and stay away from the political world.

Watch the day go by at Fateh Sagar Lake
Fateh Sagar Lake

I was instantly wooed by the serene blue water of Fateh Sagar Lake. The Aravallis offer a perfect backdrop. I would recommend spending some time at the lake. Of course, if you would like to go touristy, there are camel rides too, which will give a good overview of the surroundings. On the other hand, if you want to be lazy and just find a corner to relax and enjoy the scenic views around, that is even better.

Landscape views from the Monsoon Palace
The Aravallis

Every photographer looks for a spot to catch a bird’s eye view of the city. Monsoon Palace aka Sajjangarh Palace offers just that. It gives you vast landscape views of the Aravallis, Fateh Sagar Lake and the Udaipur city. Thus, it’s a must visit place for every photo enthusiast. But, be careful and do not entertain a guide who may follow you to give insights about the palace in exchange for a fee.

Also read Monsoon Palace - For Stunning Views 

Sunset at Lake Pichola
Sunset at Lake Pichola

You can’t miss the poignant sunset at Lake Pichola. I would say it’s the ‘high moment’ of being in Udaipur. The Lake Palace settled in the middle of the lake is an exceedingly picturesque sight. The atmosphere at Lake Pichola is beyond any money you would ever spend anywhere – it is priceless. It is something that you just embrace, hold and savour without an effort.

Catch the Sun hide behind the Aravallis – Sunset At Lake Pichola.  

A walk at the City Palace Museum
City Palace lit during Diwali

Well, I didn’t check out the museum. I just sauntered my way through the premises of the palace. It’s a huge palace with heightened security. They don’t let you go beyond a certain point. There is a particular area for tourists to hang out, which has restaurants and shops. I am more into observing and marvelling at things. So I simply enjoyed soaking in the revelry around me.     

Shops at the City Palace


Village of Nagda and the temples

Nagda was a surprise! I had no idea where my cabby was taking me. I mean, I intended to visit a couple of old temples, but ended up seeing such a beautiful village.

Read about it here Nagda – A Rural Gem

Drive back in time at the Vintage Car Museum
Vintage Car Collection

Although the Vintage Car Museum is a bit overpriced affair, it’s a must visit site for car lovers. There is a collection of classy automobiles of the old era, which were owned by the maharajas of Mewar. While I am not someone who would gasp at a Mercedes or a limousine, I enjoyed the vintage feel.

Narrow alleys of Udaipur
Handicraft shops in the alleys

Ambling through the alleyways of Udaipur is something that you can do for free and reward yourself with some charming photographs in the bargain. I walked my way to several places from my hotel – Udai Kothi (where I had lunch), City Palace, Lake Pichola and the local market.

Ferry ride around the Lake Palace
Ferry around the Lake Palace

Taking a ferry ride around the Lake Palace was my last ‘thing-to-do’ and I must say that it was a perfect way to sum up my two-day trip in Udaipur. Since I had opted for a cheaper ferry, it circled around the palace from quite a distance. So I’d recommend you to opt for the higher-priced one that will give you a closer view of the palace.

Udaipur is a city that has got lots to offer. I'm longing to visit it again soon ...

Have you been to Udaipur? What was your impression about it?


  1. Thank you for taking me to Udaipur again. :)

  2. Beautiful post with nice narration and pictures! Udaipur sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks Niranjan :) Yes, Udaipur is incredible!

  3. I have yet to visit Udaipur and your post just has mesmerized me to make a visit ASAP!!


    1. Thanks :) Udaipur is mesmerizing indeed!

  4. This is an outstanding post Renuka :) love how you have captured the essence of Udaipur. Yes, beauty is meant to inspire and it's nice to see the poetic side to you. Glad that your cabby urged you to visit the garden for the picture came out splendid :) loved the post!

    1. Thanks so much, Pallavi for your kind words. :) Udaipur was a fabulous experience.

  5. Your pictures have simply transported me to Udaipur! What a charming place this is!

    1. Thanks Anu :) Yeah, Udaipur is incorrigibly charming.

  6. Lived in this city for almost an year for my first job! Loved every moment spent in Udaipur! Your post refreshed my memories of this city and its sweet people and the breadth taking lakes! Had a balcony view of Fateh Sagar during my entire stay, every morning was so beautiful! Lovely post! :)

    1. Thanks Rashmi, for stopping by :) So lucky of you to experience Udaipur like a local! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. :)

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