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Cubbon Park Turns You Green With Envy – A Photo Essay

Cubbon Park Turns You Green With Envy – A Photo Essay
Cubbon Park in Bangalore is a slice of abundant greenery. I had heard about the park, but didn’t know it was so green! I remember going gaga over Indranagar’s greenery sometime back. Today, when I walked through Cubbon Park, I could make out that I knew very little about Bangalore’s green spaces. The park is built in a huge area with lots of trees. What I liked the most about it that the majority of the portion is left in its natural state. It doesn’t look like a typical park where a regular maintenance is needed. It gives a feeling as if the canopy of trees has no end.
I have some photographs to refresh you –
Find a glimpse of women chilling out in the park.
A perfect place to soak in the lushness …
There is a sense of infiniteness…
See the romance of glistening sunlight …
Cubbon Park is more about trees and less about flowers, but whatever little you see, it’s vivid and beautiful.
There are quite a few Bamboo trees that add an interesting variety in the park.
See the different shades of nature …
I found the skin of this tree so fascinating and imposing.
A gateway to serenity …
A squirrel had just hidden somewhere behind …
Happy twosome … sharing quietude.
Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library in the park.
I didn’t want to get out of the woods
I think I spotted cotton-grasses there …
I hadn’t seen a denser canopy of trees …
What a pretty fencing!
Even the sky needs some festoons …
Cubbon Park, bidding you good-bye!
Yes, keep Bangalore Green.
I know this Kiwi Tang has got nothing to do with Cubbon Park, but I added it because it quenched my parched throat after my long green trail.
Are you a fan of green spaces like me? Have you been to Cubbon Park?

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