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My 25 Greatest Travel Moments So Far

My 25 Greatest Travel Moments So Far
I have shared my worst travel experiences with you. Now I want to go down the memory lane and share the best of my travel experiences thus far.
Travel has always fascinated me. Although I didn’t have the foggiest of notion that I would ever write a travel blog, the desire to see the world was always there. Today, I am extremely happy that travel is an integral part of my life. Fortunately, I have had quite a few city-hopping experiences as well, which has revealed a rather ‘real’ side of travel to me. Anyway, that’s a topic for another post for another day.
So, how has the journey been so far?
Well, here it is for you in random order –
1. I, along with my family, was awestruck by the beauty of Nainital Lake after a tiring overnight bus journey. It was pure magic. The serenity of the lake had a healing touch for our senses. We forgot all about the bad bus ride in an instant and surrendered to the charm of bare-branched deodars and the calming lake.
2. We had booked a cottage in Sattal, which had three rooms, an enclosed balcony and a kitchen. The idea was to experience a stay where we could cook our own food, lounge at the cottage, go for strolls and not do anything typically touristic. It was our most memorable family holiday ever.
3. It was my first solo trip ever (my first taste of Rajasthan). The most spectacular moment of my trip was watching the sun set behind the Aravallis at beautiful Lake Pichola (Udaipur). I couldn’t take my eyes off from it even for a second.
4. I remember my first jaunt in Sydney – I was excited like a child! Darling Harbour was the first place that I visited along with my sister. Everything looked just too stunning! We sauntered, clicked pictures of each other, had coffee, giggled and fooled around. It was one gorgeous day in my life!
5. I had never ever imagined in my wildest dream that I would ever wander the charismatic lanes of Melbourne! I can never recover from Melbourne – it’s a magical city. I absorbed so much about it with just my aimless rambles.
6. Travel is more fun when things happen on the spur of the moment, like my sister bunked off her office to join me for a ferry ride (in Sydney). We voyaged from Circular Quay to Manly Bay – enjoyed the balmy breezes in our hair, watched seaplanes land on water, Sydney Opera in its glory… (Sigh) It was all so beautiful.
7. I loved waking up early in Mumbai and going for a walk on Marine Drive promenade. I did not even brush my teeth or combed my hair. I just quickly splashed some water on my face and set out for my morning excursion. Mumbai looks mesmeric in the gentle sunlight.
8. I had an exceptional solo desert safari in Rajasthan. More than the camel ride and the desert, I loved my conversation with my camel rider, which revealed to me a subtle side of travel – the little things that are often overlooked are of greater value.
9. Exploring Golden Fort aka Jaisalmer Fort was one of a kind experience. As a photographer, it was a high for me to capture the interesting alley life of the fort. Since I stayed at one of the fort hotels, I had the privilege of roaming around in the alleys anytime!
10. Visiting the iconic Golden Temple was an unexpectedly thrilling experience for me. The temple looks absolutely magnificent with its reflection in the water. Add to it, the atmosphere at the site is awe-inspiring – the adoration of the devotees, the discipline observed by the guards and everything about it is so fascinating.
11. I made my sister have wine while we were returning from Australia. At first, she was hesitant, but seeing me have it, she also gulped down a few sips. Even I hadn’t tasted a wine ever in my life, but I was just curious. Did it hit me? Nah!
12. It was an overnight trip with my office colleagues to Rajgarh (a secluded place in Himachal Pradesh). The place was beautiful beyond description – sound of a river flowing, orchards and mountain trails. It was a free-spirited holiday, where we did some stupid adventures like walking in the dirty water and eating wild fruits.
13. I savoured staying in a colonial bungalow in Darjeeling and sampling the freshly harvested tea straight out of a vintage tea estate.
14. My stay in Yuksom was remarkable for more reasons than one. It was definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Sikkim, and as a bonus, I got to meet some excellent people there – I spent most of my time with my two German fellow travellers (a guy and his mother), who stayed at the same guest house as mine. We usually met at dinners and that’s how we got along talking.
15. Waking up while it was still dark and waiting to watch the sunrise from my hotel’s rooftop in Jodhpur was incredible. The hotel staff was still asleep. I tip-toed my way up to the roof and watched the first light of sun embrace the city of Jodhpur.
16. Having breakfast at a villager’s home in Dilaram village (Darjeeling) was special. And, it was a surprise! I just went for a morning ‘tea garden and village’ walk with my host, but as the time of breakfast approached, my host offered me to have breakfast at one of his acquaintances’ place, and of course, I happily accepted the invitation!
17. Hiking through Darap village (west Sikkim) and meeting the tribal people was a great deal for me as a photographer. It gave me a chance to polish my photography skills, as I got so much of unusual stuff to capture – village huts, village faces, rustic life and unspoiled natural treasures.
18. It was an evening of bonfire with my fellow travellers in Darap village – we sipped their local beverage, laughed, talked and enjoyed while a couple of local guys played guitar along with singing some lovely songs for us.
19. If I ever got a chance to slip into my dream world, it was at a wooden house in Assam Lingzey village (Sikkim) – it was a beautiful house adorned with all kinds of pretty flowers and hedges. Spending some time there quietly was refreshing.
20. Staying at Pradhani Jungle Camp in Dandeli was an endearing experience, even though the washroom and the bed linen of my room were avoidable. I’d say that the hospitality that we (my mum was also with me) received and the delicious meals that we were served superseded the negatives with ease.
21. Exploring South Mumbai on foot was a life-changing experience for me. It reaffirmed my true passion for travel in a much stronger way – I realised how I loved being outdoors, spotting interesting things, clicking photos, and just being.
22. Sailing the islands of Kerala on a house-boat was a crème de la crème experience for me! I was with a friend who hosted me in Kerala (Cochin). We chatted, looked around, and soaked up the sublime greenery… It was simply blissful. And, how can I forget the sumptuous lunch that was served on the house-boat? It was the best south-Indian food I ever had!
23. Chail Palace Garden is a beautiful place in Chail (near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh). We (my bro was with me) discovered it by chance. I mean it was part of our bus tour package. We were spellbound as soon as we entered its premises. No wonder it’s one of the popular film locales.
24. Dining at Ambrai Restaurant & Bar (in Udaipur) with a view of Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace was magical. It’s a lovely place for wining and dining in the evenings. Although I love being solo, I missed being with someone at such a romantic place.
25. Holidaying in Mussoorie with my mom was fantastic! It was an exclusive mother-daughter trip. The most interesting part was that I made my mum click all my pictures and she did a fabulous job!
Which of my travel experiences did you like the most?
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