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How Did I Learn Travel Photography?

How Did I Learn Travel Photography?
So how did I learn to take beautiful travel photos? Okay, I’m not trying to sound like I’m an expert when it comes to taking great travel photos. But, I can confidently say that I’m able to produce quite decent travel photos and I’m ever eager to hone my skills.
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Travel photography is something that I enjoy immensely and that’s why it’s my top priority on all my travels. I’d say travel photography is not something that you can learn in a class. It’s an art that you need to grow with on the road.
Before I unravel my tips on learning travel photography, I want to make it clear that you cannot take good travel photos unless you have the passion for travel. You got to be a traveller to be a travel photographer. Tell me if you disagree with me.
I’m sharing with you MY ways of honing my travel photography skills, but if you also have something valuable to add, please feel free to do so in the comments below.
Observe good travel photos
Whenever I’m asked how I learnt photography, my only answer is that I learnt it by observing great travel photos taken by others. Most of what I have discovered about travel photography or photography on the whole is through observation. I look at photos that I like and I observe how they are composed and framed, the idea and the story behind them, the artistic sense applied by the photographer and many little details.
So, have an eye for observation.  
Critique your own photos
I make lots of mistakes. I don’t think I am ever totally satisfied with my photos. Yes, there have been quite a few instances when I really felt that I was able to achieve what I aimed at. But, most of the time, I am critiquing my photos. I believe ‘your’ mistakes teach you a lot. So, never be afraid of making them! However, avoid making the same mistakes again and again. Analyse your photos, find out what doesn’t look good and work on it.
Be open to learning from others
I always make it a point to learn from other good photographers. If I find someone who knows a great deal about photography, I try to interact with that person. Everybody has different strong points. For instance, I may be good at landscape photography, while someone else may be more comfortable with capturing market scenes or food photos. So, taking a few quick tips from your fellow traveller is always a good idea. 
Be ready to walk
If you want to nail great travel images, you got to be walking! You can’t be lazy, hesitant or shy and be a travel photographer, too. I walk and wander a lot on my travels. I don’t mind getting tanned. I dirty my clothes, climb anywhere and even get hurt for a shot. The idea is to capture what you really want to capture. If a shot requires you to walk an extra mile, bend or even lie down, do it!     
Mingle with locals
I have realised over the years that most people are friendly and they respect what you do if you care to talk to them. Even a brief hello would do. Mingling with the locals is also part of travel photography. You need to exchange glances and smiles before you can freeze them.

Give it time

Except for the candid shots, each frame needs your time. Perhaps the best way of learning travel photography is by being patient with each shot. You have to remember that photography is an art. It’s not about owning a great camera and just clicking. So, take your time and think what looks good in a frame and what doesn’t.
Never be in a hurry.
If you annoy your companions by taking too long for a shot, let them leave!
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