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10 Most Photographable Places In India

10 Most Photographable Places In India

Travel photography in India is both fun and challenging. Since I have primarily travelled in India, I have to say that photography is an epic experience here. Unlike foreign countries, you won’t see obvious sophisticated beauty on the streets in India. In fact, there would be lots of unwanted elements, which you wouldn’t want in your frame. However, the kind of magic that’s hidden in the everyday humdrum in India is what your lens craves for.

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Photographable places in India

Besides, there’s so much of natural and rustic beauty in India that you can’t get enough of it. And, the faces of India… they are so interesting! So, I have my list of travel photography destinations in India, which I’d love to share with you in this post.

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10 Most Photographable Places In India –


I’m mentioning only Srinagar and not the entire Kashmir, because I find the capital city full of variety. Of course, the entire Kashmir Valley is beautiful – heaven on earth, as they say. But, Srinagar has so much more. I loved taking photos of the colourful shikaras (boats), the lake, the bakeries, the food, and the downtown homes. The city has a character that you want to connect to. There’s chaos and then there’s peace. There’s poetry and there’s today’s world. Srinagar lives in the old times, which is so fascinating.

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Best places for photography

Most beautiful destinations in India


Hampi is gorgeous. It is historic. It has melancholic landscapes, absolutely insane sunsets and a totally hypnotic rural life. It’s hard not to go crazy while taking photos in Hampi. It’s a unique destination. I don’t think there’s anything like Hampi anywhere in India. Although I’m not much of a temple buff, I loved each temple complex that I visited in Hampi.

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An abandoned world that sleeps in its glory is what we know as Lakhpat. It’s one of my favourite places in India. It’s one place that I feel proud to have visited. It is so damn interesting. It’s like walking through the tattered pages of an old book. There are rundown fort walls, unique holy sites and peacocks prancing around in Lakhpat.

Darap village

It was like sneaking into an unreal world. Darap village (West Sikkim) is full of prettiness, and it’s not because of the mountains or the flora. The prettiness that I’m talking about is what’s created by the Limbu community of Sikkim – their ages-old huts, beautiful cutlery, traditional outfits and jewellery. Every home that I visited in Darap village was straight out of a story book. And, the faces of Limbu tribe are exceptionally photogenic.


I’d call it a gem of North India. I could have never imagined a dreamlike place in Uttar Pradesh, a state where I have spent a part of my childhood. Suhelwa seemed an exotic place to me. I was spellbound by its rustic beauty – the mustard fields, the huts, and the village folks. It’s definitely one of the most photogenic places in India.

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Jaisalmer is absolutely charming. I remember the moment I started walking inside the Golden Fort I was so amazed by whatever I could see – the colourful shops through the alleys of the fort, and the architectural beauty blew my mind. I wanted to stop at every step and take photos.


Udaipur is one of my favourite cities in India. I don’t just like it for its photogenic appeal, but I like it for the kind of feeling it evokes. It’s so beautiful. My first solo travel was in Udaipur and I enjoyed the freedom to take as many photos as I could without worrying about time. I loved capturing the sunset at Lake Pichola. It was one of the most mesmeric sights.


I’d say the whole of Rajasthan is photographable. There’s so much to capture – forts and palaces, lakes, desert, villages, and the Aravallis.


It may be one of the most chaotic cities in India, but it’s also superbly photogenic. Mumbai is an intense city. I absolutely adore Mumbai mornings, the bread-men, the Irani bakeries, vintage buildings, the seaside, the skyscrapers and the many surprises that it unfolds. My tryst with Mumbai began in late 2009 when I used to live in Delhi and visit Mumbai on and off for work. I used to get up early and set out on my own photo walks, stroll through South Mumbai in the late afternoons.

Now when I have been living in Mumbai for the past two years, I have kind of become nonchalant about Mumbai’s charms. Thus, I have consciously started going for photo walks again to get back to my old days.


Karnataka is a highly underrated state when it comes to tourism. So, if you are looking for an offbeat coastal destination in India, give Coastal Karnataka a chance, and you will not be disappointed. I visited Dombe village, Byndoor in Udupi district, which I found absolutely stunning. The beaches, the mountains, and the villages of Udupi are like another world!


I don’t think I can complete my list without Goa. It is so, so beautiful! Although Goa is one of my favourite places for both photography and travel, I’m yet to explore it solo. Besides the beaches, Goa has an amazing vibe that translates well into your camera – the flea markets, the Portuguese buildings, the churches and the locals. Everything in Goa exudes something for you to soak in.

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The other destinations that I find extremely photographable in India are Chhattisgarh, and cities like Lucknow, Amritsar, and Nagpur.

What are your favourite places for photography in India?

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38 thoughts on “10 Most Photographable Places In India”

  • Wow! you have been to too many places and as you have said they are the nicest places. Not all but some of them I have covered and rest will be covered soon. Recently, I had a visit to Barsana which is also a very beautiful part of India. I have shared some photographs of this place in my post. If you could spare out some minutes then please have a look at them, they will not hurt your expectations. Thank you.

    • Thank you! 🙂 It was difficult choosing photos as I wanted to share the best ones here, and every time I go through my travel photos I feel I need to go back to the same places and improve my photography.

  • Great photos Renuka and interesting idea for a post! Udipi has been on my want to visit list for long, hope I get to go there soon. The photo of the lady in Sikkim is beautiful.

  • This is a kind of post to make one book the tickets right away 🙂 From all the paces you’ve mentioned, I’ve been only to Mumbai, Udaipur and Goa, and yes, they’re extremely photogenic!

  • Oh, Renuka, your country is so colorful! Dan and I can’t wait to explore it on our own soon. Actually, we are in the process of getting visas to visit and plan to take a quick organized trip to the Golden Triangle at the end of the month. We’re so excited!

    Still, while my photographer husband is looking forward to capturing plenty of incredible images from Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, we know the rest of the country has far more to offer. Jaisalmer and Udaipur have captured our imaginations. We are already looking forward to returning – and we haven’t been there yet!

  • Excellent post and amazing pictures. Udaipur is stunning, the sunsets are magical. I visited Udaipur just 2 months back.
    Just saw the pictures you took in Hampi. Would definitely love to visit this place. I love exploring old palaces and temples.

    Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  • Ohmygoodness all of these places look absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never been to India, and pretty much have never even left my small corner of Europe, but I would love to visit so much. I adore your photographs and plan on researching my own trip to India, so thank you for the inspiration!

    Wandering Everywhere

  • This is a very helpful article for all the travel and photography lovers. India is the most favorite tourist zone, here have a lot of amazing places which is the great attraction for all the traveler and photographer. Every year many travelers come in India, but they can not find the best places to visit, But Here you select the top 10 places, All the place are most beautiful. From here traveler can find all the best places.

  • Hi, Renuka you have come again with this great post. It is really inspired me to cover some places which has left behind among this list, I will be covering these destinations soon. One thing is very beautiful in your post that you have comprised beautiful places from every corner of the India. Thanks for this beautiful sharing!

    • Thank you, Shashank! 🙂 Yes, I tried to include places from every corner of India. And, it feels so good to know that India has so much of variety! I really hope that you travel to all the places that you feel inspired to.

  • What a fine collection of places! Have been to most of these places, except for Hampi, Suhelwa and Lakhpat. Adding these to my list ASAP. Suhelwa would be the first of places that we would be seeing. 🙂

  • Wow Renuka! India is gorgeous. We snapped glam shots in Kovalam, and in the rice fields around Muhamma. Both stunning spots. Definitely looking forward to a return visit to see this IG worthy spots 🙂


    • That’s great to hear, Ryan! India IS gorgeous! There’s so much of beauty and great variety, too. I hope you return soon and travel to more beautiful places in India.

  • Wonderful places! Was waiting for Udaipur to appear on the list! And so happy that you’ve included Mumbai. We had started this thing when lived there, would step out with the camera early morning. So much happens even in thise early hours. I loved your photo of the Bharat eggs supplier with the Wibs bread! Such nostalgia there!

    • Thank you, SandeepaChetan 🙂 You guys are fantastic! Loving your Kashmir series. Yes, Mumbai is so charming. I love capturing the ordinary scenes of our everyday lives.

  • That’s a great collection of memories there… Pictures are full of colour and life… But hope to see the core beauty of South as well… Do visit and experience some less explored places like Valparai, Tamil nadu, Kudhiremukh, Karnataka, Idukki, and Kerala.

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