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Pawna Lake: A Night Under The Stars

Pawna Lake: A Night Under The Stars

For the typical urbanite, finding a little piece of the sky amidst the towering skyscrapers is a rarity, let alone finding stars in the night sky. That is why when we cross the city limits and enter the countryside, especially in the night, we are awed by the sparkling astral bodies across the night sky. It is indeed a sight to behold. Imagine spending a night in the open, gazing at these stars? Sounds splendid, doesn’t it? And no, you don’t need to travel to an exotic location like a mountain or a virgin beach to enjoy such wonder of nature. Because, right in the middle of Pune and Mumbai, you can experience a truly ‘starry starry night’.

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If you are a resident of Pune and traveling towards Mumbai, or coming back to Mumbai from Pune, then on your way, you will reach the Pawna Lake near Kamshet. Even if you don’t have a travel agenda, you can always make a trip to the Pawna Lake and spend a weekend in the heart of nature. I was travelling with a few friends from Mumbai to Pune and we decided to make a trip out of it. We booked an affordable taxi service from Pune to Mumbai with a good rating, making an overnight pit-stop at Pawna.

The lake area

From Pune, it is about 30-40 Km till the perimeters of the lake. The lake stretches all the way up to Lonavala, making it a major attraction. This man-made lake was a result of the dam built on the Pawna River to supply water to the neighboring fields and villages, creating a huge catchment area. Since its construction in 1972, the site became home to numerous flora and fauna, turning it into a green zone, and attracting nature lovers and tourists of all kinds. Sitting at a height of 1500 feet from the sea level, the lake area is also much cooler than its neighboring towns, offering a refreshing escape for urbanites, all year round. The location, the wonderful weather, and the panoramic views make the Pawna Lake a camper’s paradise.

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As of today, the lakeside has evolved as a major camping ground with abundant campsites for trekkers and naturalists to explore the pristine countryside, spot migratory birds, and enjoy stargazing at night. The sheer sight of the lake is awe-inspiring with its placid blue water, against the backdrop of the imposing Sahyadri Mountains.

Camping under the stars

If you are looking forward to spending a night under the open sky, reach the lake area by early afternoon. As the sun goes down and the scarlet horizon turns midnight blue, you can see the tiny dots of diamonds spreading across the velvet sky and creating a shimmery glow in the darkness. The open space and the pure air gives you a clearer and wider view of the horizon. The ethereal sight is sure to leave you awe-inspired, as you unwind on the river banks and get drawn to the heavenly bodies or start identifying the constellations.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

You can also avail the trending travel packages which include camp/tent rentals, kayak and boat rides, a sumptuous barbecue session, and a bonfire with music leading into a peaceful night. As you sit by the lake under the glow of stars, the stillness of the night is interrupted by the chirping crickets or a cluster of glowworms, adding to the magic of the night. To really make the most of your trip, I’d recommend making use of a good car rental service in Pune.

Next morning, you can explore the surrounding areas, or simply head back home.

The antiquated vibes with the rejuvenating landscape, Pawna Lake is no short of a piece of artwork by nature. The picturesque sunsets, green and clean ambiance, and most importantly, the spellbinding sight of the night sky in its best form, will not only make your weekend worthwhile but turn it into a trip to remember!

Have you been to Pawna Lake?

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