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Ever since I started to think about what I wanted to do in life, it has always been something creative, something fun and new! I always wanted to discover the photographer in me. Somewhere deep down inside, I knew that I could make good pictures. As far as writing is concerned, my love for writing began one night – yes, it was around 12 am when I started penning a short story. It was a ghost story. Since then I have been writing all kinds of short stories. 

My first published work was in Filmfare magazine for their Letters Column. I have got several of my letters and film reviews published in their magazine in the readers column, and some of my letters have been selected as the ‘Best Letter’ as well. That was my initial stint with writing. Later, I spent quite a few years with BPOs, which was poles apart from what I wanted to do. Anyway, I got back to my world. 

I started writing a novel in 2008, which I completed in 2010. I submitted it for publication in 2011 January. I got a rejection letter from Harper Collins. I did not hear from Penguin. I have started work on my next novel, though it’s on a break due to my blog. I hope to return to novel writing once Voyager For Life reaches some level! 
My professional writing career kick-started with travel writing for an online portal, which significantly polished and rekindled my writing skills. After that I got an opportunity to be part of print media – a magazine based on architecture (Indian Architect & Builder). I have also worked with a publishing company – Archies Gifts and Greetings, which has names like Helpage, CRY and UNICEF to its credit. Hallmark Cards is also part of Archies now. It was one of my dreams to write for Hallmark. I had never thought that it would come true for me!
I started pursuing photography in 2007. I have been a contributor to stock photography websites like Visageimages – Indian delegate of Gettyimages and bigstockphotos. It is my dream to organize an exhibition of my photographs soon.

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I have traveled quite a lot in the last five years, and it has been an immensely enriching experience. Writing ‘VOYAGER FOR LIFE’ came naturally. I wasn’t sure for a very long time about what I wanted to blog about – I mean, what should I share with people. One fine day, it just hit me and I told myself – hey, I have got so many stories of my travel!

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