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Why I LIKE Being A Travel Blogger

Why I LIKE Being A Travel Blogger

I don’t know if this is the right time to write this post, because my travel blog is yet to complete its two years. There is no particular reason to mark a celebration or anything like that at the moment. It’s just a random idea that whizzed through my mind and I want to mull over it. After my one month on the road (my longest travel venture so far), I feel more like a travel blogger than I ever did. I know that’s an innocent confession. When I say that I feel more like a travel blogger today, I simply mean that I travel differently now – I am a more conscious traveler now.

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So, do I like being a travel blogger? Yes, I certainly do.

Perhaps the best thing about being a travel blogger is the admiration that I receive from my readers. Nothing can even come close to it. When I hear from a stranger that he was inspired to take a solo trip after reading my blog, I am overwhelmed. What else do I need to hear?

I like it when I am able to connect with people through my travel blog. It’s a different high. It feels great when someone just out of the blue lets me know that my travelogues are interesting. Such encouraging notes and comments boost my confidence. I am assured that I am not writing just to please myself, but it is actually influencing people.
I LOVE what I am doing.
I can say that again and again. I love being a full-time travel blogger. And, it means more today than around two years ago when I started with this blog. It’s easy to start something and enjoy the initial frothy zing of doing it. I’d like to admit that although I enjoyed blogging more with every passing day, I had a slight fear of losing my enthusiasm after a while. Thus, when I say that I enjoy travel blogging after almost two years, I genuinely mean it.
I barely make any money from my blog.
Yes, that’s true. I make money from freelance writing projects. My travel blog is not my bread and butter, and I like it that way. I would never want it to lose its honesty. My blog is my voice. I wouldn’t commercialise it to the level of tarnishing its uniqueness. That said, I won’t deny the perks I receive sometimes – sponsored or discounted stays. But, I don’t write about something that I personally don’t like just because I got it for free.

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I have to share this with you. People shower a lot of respect over me because I am a travel blogger. Of late, people from the travel industry have become aware of travel blogs. They realise that travel bloggers have great connection with the travellers of all kinds. Thus, we travel bloggers are valued. When somebody shows belief in me, I take it very seriously. On my recent visit to West Bengal (I’m going to write about it soon), I was honoured and welcomed by a travel committee of Kurseong, a town in Darjeeling district.
I like the fact that I can steer people’s attention towards a certain place, which is not as popular as it should be. Thus, I like discovering new places and writing about them on my blog.
I can work from any location.
I can blog from anywhere. I am not answerable to anyone. I can work at my own pace. Does that sound too good to be true? I know it is! What I like about blogging is that there are no rules that I have to follow. I just follow my heart. I simply do what I want to do.
Travel blogging gives me a chance to combine my three passions – travelling, photography and writing. And not to forget, travel blogging enriches my knowledge, polishes my writing and photography skills. I still make mistakes. I won’t say that I write the best articles or click the best pictures. I have to struggle a lot to be able to churn out a decent write-up or a photograph. But, I am striving for perfection and I will get better and better.
Travel blogging doesn’t mean that I am blogging all the time. It’s a business that comes with lots of other interesting and fun stuff like socialising with fellow travel bloggers, writing guest posts for their blogs, reading their blogs, interacting with my fans on Facebook or following other travelers on Twitter, keeping an eye on what’s happening in the travel industry and various other things.

The point is that all the hard work that I put in my travel blog is my happiness. There is no pressure of meeting a deadline, writing something that I don’t believe in or doing anything just because I have to do it.

Are you fascinated by the life of a travel blogger?


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