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The Challenges Of Travelling As A Blogger

The Challenges Of Travelling As A Blogger

I don’t travel the way I used to when I was not a blogger. Earlier I used to travel just for myself, but today I travel for everybody else too. The constant need to strike a balance between doing my own thing and creating content for my readers is challenging. But, I’m not complaining. Blogging is fun.

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To keep myself sane, I try to preserve the idea that blogging is a way to retain your travel memories. So, travel first, blog later. Although I have turned into a full-time professional travel blogger, I still try to be a raw, spontaneous and an honest traveller.

Travel blogger

My idea of travel blogging is to follow my heart and inspire people to do the same. Perhaps that is why I don’t like to narrow down my travel preferences. I do budget travel if I don’t have money, but if I have money, I like to splurge on a good hotel. I am fascinated by villages, but I love cities as well. I like culture and local charm, and I also like nature trails. I like slow, do-nothing, and comfy travel, and I also like rough, dusty journeys.

Sikkim and Gujarat were two of my roughest travels, while I had a chance to pamper myself at a resort in Coastal Karnataka. And yes, I like to do offbeat things and I also enjoy the clichéd stuff. So, I really want to be free to travel the way I like. I don’t want to have the constraint of travelling in a certain way because that’s what goes with my image. No, I cannot do that, and neither should you!

Travel is the way to experience life. It’s the most worthwhile thing to do in your lifetime.

So, what are the challenges that I face as a traveller because I’m a blogger, too?

I have to take photos of everything.

Although taking photos is a joy for me, I don’t really enjoy documenting something through photos. I mean I don’t want to take photos of my bathroom in a hotel or even a monument, just for the sake of documenting it. I need to feel inspired to take a photo of something.

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Travelling as a blogger

I cannot sip my coffee or eat my food without taking a photo.

As a blogger, I have to take photos of everything I eat and drink. Sometimes I annoy my companions, too, because even they cannot dig in until I take a picture of what they are eating (perhaps that’s why I prefer travelling alone). The food has to look presentable. And, coffee! There’s this instance, in Adelaide, where I ordered coffee and it turned cold because I took too long in working out the camera angle.

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How travel changes for a blogger

I find social media a bit too much to handle.

I love blogging about my travel experiences, but I find social media a job. Earlier it was just Facebook. Now it’s Instagram posts and stories, YouTube videos, Twitter and so many other channels! It’s too overwhelming sometimes. I’m not saying that all of it is not fun, but when you have to do all of that regularly, it kind of becomes a task. I find it funny to take a video just for my Instagram story.

the realities of travel blogging

I’m too camera shy for a video.

Videos are not my forte. But, if you are a travel blogger today, you have to make videos of each place that you visit. And, the more you show yourself, the better it is. I’m just too shy to appear in my videos. As a traveller, I didn’t have to worry about these things. But, as a blogger, I have to come out of my comfort zone to be able to churn out content the way people like to see it today.

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I have to make sure I have internet wherever I go.

There are times when I’m dying to post something stunning on social media and I don’t have internet connectivity. So, no matter how beautiful and pristine my surroundings are, I cannot savour it without thinking about Wi-Fi.

What is it to be a travel blogger

I have to make notes wherever I go.

There are people who like to make notes wherever they go, and it’s a really good habit. But, making notes doesn’t come naturally to me. I know as a writer, I should be doing that. However, the thing with me is that I like to enjoy a place with spontaneity and abandonment.

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I have to plan my blog posts in advance.

I don’t know if other bloggers would agree with me, I find it important to have a rough idea of what to write about a certain destination even before your trip begins. I do plan my blog posts in my mind, in advance, so that I explore the place accordingly. For instance, I always know that I need a good photo essay post, so I make sure that I take photos in a manner that the true essence of a place is captured.

What about you? Do you also feel that blogging has changed the way you travel now?

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33 thoughts on “The Challenges Of Travelling As A Blogger”

  • Honest and humble blogger you are ! Keep it up. Do you think it is necessary to capture everything in picture? I don’t think so. Take what impresses you . You have a good camera .But,I am afraid pictures are not so good as they could be . So, try to take impressive and interesting pictures of what you see , not everything for readers . That will please you and keep your interesr in tact.Good phones have good camera. Use them for taking ordinary pictures . And DSLR for landscapes . Wait . God will bless you with enough money to see what you would like to see. I started a blog and stopped. Bcoz , expectations run high. If we dont get enough and good readers , we lose interest . So, let us please ourselves! Readers ? Community ? Well, Google will take care of it. You just enjoy and focus on your next destination . All the best !

    • Very well said, Ilangorajan! I don’t take photos that I don’t want to take. Even if I do, I don’t share any photo that doesn’t make me happy.

  • Yes, absolutely, I travel differently now than I used to. I find it difficult to just sit and soak up the ambiance when I could be spending that time fitting in just one more “must see place.” In cities, I gravitate to destinations that my readers prefer and bypass ones that don’t have an angle I can cover in my blog posts. I also watch my food get cold as I set up for photos of my meals.

    On the other hand, I have learned that my one- or two-day itinerary blog posts force me to distill attractions to the most popular or important (an arbitrary judgment, I know). It keeps me focused and I like that. Once I’ve got the material I need for my story, Im happy. I give myself time for other, less blogable things, like chatting with a new acquaintance. I love meeting people. That’s a part of travel I will never give up on, even for the sake of my blog.

    • I can relate to you so much, Linda. Even I love meeting new people and get into conversations. There are certain things that I rarely do like visiting museums. I mention about an important museum or may be make a quick visit just to mention about it in a post. But, I do not spend much time at museums because they really do not inspire me, and I want to be honest about it.

  • Blogging is indeed fun but a very unique experience, Renuka. I feel what you mean but we definitely have to enjoy the experience and bear in mind that we also travel for our followers! Exceptional post!

  • Reading your post made me realize that I wasn’t aware of how changed my way of travelling is, Renuka. Your post was a real eye-opener and we definitely don’t only travel for us but also for the people who follow our adventures. This journey is challenging but very rewarding!

  • I can totally relate to what you have said. When I started blogging it was a painful shift for me. I knew travel had changed for me forever. Before blogging happened to me had been traveling solo without any agenda of writing any articles or clicking ‘fab images’. However blogging has put a pressure on me on so many fronts. One thing which I hate the most is posting on social media from the destination while you are still traveling. I know it is a necessary evil. However, when I am still traveling on my own, I avoid it. For example I have still not posted anything on Sydney and Great Ocean Road in Australia because it was a personal trip. That said, I will post about it sooner or later, when I will feel like.

    • Abhinav, your social media updates are always so interesting, even though you hate the job. Looking forward to your Sydney and Great Ocean Road photos. By the way, I have been there too, and since I was not a blogger back then, I enjoyed the free-spiritedness of my trip.

  • I completely agree with you Renuka..It was very fun day before blogging and now I always run around stories!! Like you I also keep in mind about theme of my post in advance..all the points are very valid as a challenges of travel blogger.

    • Yes. There have been such crazy times when I have missed taking photos of my food and have asked the restaurant folks to rearrange a plate for me!

  • I completely agree. Traveling and blogging can be very overwhelming! I traveled to Thailand and Bali recently with non-blogging friends. It got annoying because even if I was on vacation I technically still had to “work”. Though I enjoyed it and don’t mind doing it , it’s very challenging at times!! Keep up the good work though! I just came across your blog and liking your content thus far 🙂

    Question – as a solo traveler – do you take pictures of yourself with a tripod? Or hire someone?


    • Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you could relate to the post. 🙂

      My answer to your question – I definitely do not hire anyone. 🙂 I mostly take selfies when I’m alone and even when I am traveling with somebody. Yes, I do use tripod once in a while, but not very often. I have to say that taking my own photos is very challenging on my solo trips.

  • I love this post and although I’m not a niche travel blogger I understand the frustrations of having to picture everything! Sometimes its fun but on the days I’m not feeling so hot I get so frustrated! Such a great read thanks for sharing!

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

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