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Travel Blogs Have Redefined ‘Travel’

Travel Blogs Have Redefined ‘Travel’
Would you agree with me if I said that travel has found a new definition with the influx of travel blogs? Today, travel is something much deeper and educative. Now people are willing to look beyond the hackneyed destinations and explore the offbeat ones, too. Travel is no more a ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ affair. It’s talked about oftener and the travel industry is booming like never before.

I got acquainted with the concept of travel blogs when I ventured into travel blogging, which was around 3 years ago. I vaguely remember how I used to plan my travels earlier. I think I simply used to book my tickets and set out. I remember I did most of the things spontaneously on my first solo trip to Udaipur. I had no idea what travel bloggers advised when I wasn’t following them. I simply did what felt right and I was pretty much okay.
The ‘blogging’ bug hadn’t bitten me yet, but the ‘traveler’ in me was preparing me to be a blogger.
I guess travel blogs are guidebooks by curious travellers. I am not trying to boast, but I do believe that my curiosity has helped me go many miles and experience a lot of new things. Of course, the inspiration to travel to certain places did come from somewhere or the other. However, my own passion and desire to hit the road contributed a great deal in making a travel blogger out of me.
Travel stories in making
People read travel blogs because they want to read real stories of travel and not the glossed-over stuff. Travel blogs are like diaries or notes from the road that bring the dust, the pain, the sweat and the tears along with it. Therefore, reading a travel blog is just like listening to a yarn by a friend. It creates curiosity and a sense of adventure within the reader, which eventually inspires him or her to experience something similar.
Travel blogs are diaries from the road.
Travel blogs are written by real people – people who fail, get hurt and are imperfect in many ways. Plus, they have many eccentricities. Travel bloggers are those ordinary people who actually know what it is to have no money in your account and work really hard to sail through. Thus, travel blogs reflect the soul of those crazy people, who do what they really want to do instead of wishing for that ‘someday’.
Travel is not just about escaping the monotony, but it’s a deeper transformation.
Travel blogs don’t tell you to travel for a change or just to feel refreshed. Travel blogs awaken you to go out and discover how life can change you. Travel blogs talk about experiencing the local way of life, eating the local food, wandering aimlessly, waking up early and admiring the simple things of life.
Eating the local food – Thukpa in Sikkim
Waking up early in Mumbai to admire the ordinary things.
Some of the travel blogs that I find inspiring are Ytravelblog, Breathe Dream Go and ThePlanetD. What connects me to these blogs is the sheer ‘love for life’. I’d say these guys really know how to romance life.
I believe travel is not a luxury as many perceive it to be. It’s a constant transformation of the person who travels. It should be part of everybody’s life in some measure. How much can you gain by just reading books and watching TV? I love this quote – “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” Well, I am not implying that you can travel for free. You sure do need money to travel just like you need it for any other stuff in life. But when you spend your precious money on travel, it returns what you invest in the form of memories and experiences that can never be taken away from you.
So yes, travel blogs have redefined travel. What do you think?
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