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So How Do I Manage To Travel?

So How Do I Manage To Travel?
I often get asked questions like how do I manage to travel so much, who funds my travels and how do I get so many leaves. Well, for the last question, you can read my story – How did I quit the cubicle for the road. And, before I spill the beans on how do I manage to travel so much, let me tell you that I don’t get to travel as much as I’d really like to. I travel four to five times a year, which I believe is quite scarce for a full time travel blogger like me. Isn’t it? I should be travelling a lot more to be able to feed my blog with good travel stories. So, things are not as rosy as they appear on Instagram or Facebook. But, they aren’t too bad either. I do manage to travel, which is why I have this blog in the first place!


Who funds my travels?
Believe me, I have been asked this question so many times. It’s hard for most people to grasp the fact that someone can really travel freely and live her dream life. I can perfectly understand that. I know it can be totally unbelievable for most people. But, let me tell you it’s not so far-fetched. The life that I am living is definitely not easy, but it’s adventurous, thrilling and enriching. Since I am a freelance writer, I don’t have a regular income. I make money in bits and pieces that I keep gathering in my bank account. So, yes, I fund all my travels. Being a blogger, I do get sponsored stays once in a while. But, I don’t depend on such perks, because I have to travel irrespective of whether somebody agrees to host me or not.
So how do I really manage to travel?  
I am definitely not rich. I guess the only thing that works in my favour is that I have a supportive family, who backs me emotionally and infuses in me the courage to pursue my dreams. Another thing that works for me is my own determination to do what I want to do. I don’t believe in being envious of what others are doing. I’d rather like to make my own life enviable. It’s difficult, but it’s possible.   
What’s my SECRET to materialising a travel plan?
The easiest way to make your travel plan successful is by taking ‘one step at a time’. I don’t bombard my mind with everything that I need to do in order to take a trip – flight/train tickets, accommodation booking, itinerary planning, budgeting and so on. I believe budgeting out your trip in the beginning is not a bright idea. The first thing that you should do (and perhaps the smartest, too) is booking your plane/train tickets. I book my tickets even if I’m short on funds – even if I have no idea about my next month’s financial position. I take one step at a time and it works! And, I always book refundable flight tickets, so that if I choose to cancel or change my travel plans later, I don’t lose money.
I try to keep a ‘travel fund’.
The practice of putting some money aside just for travel, which I started a few years back helped me visit so many destinations despite the financial difficulties. If I didn’t have a separate bank account for my travel fund, it would have been impossible for me to materialize my travel to Odisha or Kerala. I don’t think a traveller should even breathe without a piggy bank.   
I’m able to travel because I put travel in the forefront.
Finally, I’d like to tell you to stop making excuses and start travelling! Money is only one of the factors that you need to consider to be able to travel. As long as you have the sincere willingness to travel, nothing can stop you.
Do you have any more questions? Ask away!
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65 thoughts on “So How Do I Manage To Travel?”

  • Yes good points all of them! Many people believe it's only flowers and roses when giving up a full time job to travel. It isn't. But we can make the most out of it with full planning and dedication. But we must also be willing to accept the fact that maybe we won't travel as much and there will be hard times. As I can't (or don't have the guts to) quit my job, I try to take every opportunity to explore around me and do some weekends here and there. I never did a big travel holiday, but I try to include smaller ones which give me the same sense of exploring 🙂

  • It is nothing but a strong determination that guides one towards its goals. With God's grace, you are one determined traveler who steps above every obstacle to live the desired life. Thumbs up for such determination and courage.And, much accolades for your family too for being such a positive support in your life. 🙂

  • Awesome write up Renuka and very informative for those who want to take the plunge and become full time travel bloggers . It does require a strong commitment to keep going ! Hope you get to travel much more and feed your blog with more incredible stories !

  • I have read many of your written posts but I like this written post the most because I am also into travel and writing and what you said I completely agree. Travel is not easy. Or I can say – one of the most difficult for various reasons but yes it is the best. And I find self lucky that I have traveled and continuing till-date..
    May we all travel because travel is best way of learning at least I believe.
    Best Wishes for your travels. Your journey is an inspiration for many.
    Keep traveling, Keep writing..

  • Dear Renuka,

    This is an amazing post, and your photos are beautiful and captivating. I don't get to travel so I thank you so much for sharing your travel, experiences and lovely photos here. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. You have a wonderful blog!

  • Thank you for this much needed post, Renuka. It helped me be sure that I am on the right track. 🙂 Travelling and travel blogging is not easy at all. I am lucky that I also got a supportive family. But fluctuating bank balance is a constant headache. But then, I have learnt to live in the now and stopped worrying about the future. Travelling has inspired me to think that way. However, I would like to ask you that being a woman is solo travel costlier than group travel?

  • Aptly summarized as "You have been able to travel because you have put travel in forefront". I must say its a truthful post and I enjoyed reading it. My take away from this post is the "Piggy Bank" thing. I have never kept money aside for travel like a recurring deposit. I guess I should start it now.

  • Very enlightening article Renuka! I have a deep respect for those who choose to travel solo. There's so much to gain and learn from traveling alone. As they say … "Don't Think About What They Say … Go See!" Safe travels!

  • You have put it very well. For most of us it's hard to believe that money is not a constraint. Many times we step back because of this fear of managing fund for anything which is not supposed to give you regular returns. Only very few around us can convince themselves to move on with their dreams and then figure out how to manage. And mostly things happen, because the passion and energy behind those dreams. Wish you the best for your future travels !

  • Exactly! Money is certainly important. After all, nobody is going to give you a free plane ticket. But that's just one aspect of it. You need to be courageous, curious and confident to be able to pursue what you really want to!

  • That's great, Moon! Solo travel can be costlier than group travel only in some scenarios. For instance, if you need to hire a taxi and there's nobody to share the cost with you. Other than that, it's pretty okay. These days hotels have different tariffs set for single travelers. So, it's fine.

  • I'm so happy to know that you found the post helpful. Yes, you must start a separate bank account just for your travel fund. You will be surprised to see how easy your travel will get!

  • Thanks so much, VJ! You have put a very valuable point here that there is passion and energy behind our dreams, which make it work out for us eventually. All the best to you also.

  • Great insight Renuka.

    Clearly travel is what motivates you which is why it is your priority to make it happen as and when you can. I can see your thought process in buying that travel ticket even if funds are stretched. This is a way of making a commitment which then means you will go through with that journey. It may not be a tactic suitable for all but I can certainly see the value of it and why it works for you.

    Safe travels.

  • I believe that if you want travel to be a part of your life you will just make it happen (in some sort of capacity). I've never had a lot of money. I've worked some awful, low-paying jobs and still managed to scrimp and save to travel. I think having a dedicated travel fund is a great idea. When I was saving for my year-long trip I had a "trip jar" where I would just put all of my extra money. Seeing it every day made me realize that I didn't need to buy clothes or snacks or odds and ends that I didn't really need. It was amazing how quickly the money piled up. After six months that jar bought me a one-ticket from California to Bangkok!

  • Really helpful tips, been following you since a while and taking cues from you to be a Solo traveler in true sense. The first thing I am going to do is to make my own Travel Fund too, I really loved this idea of yours, thanks much! 🙂

  • That's why parents are willing to spend a large amount of money to bring them to exotic places of interests. You get to experience the culture, food and different people at the various places of travel. Klia limo

  • Dear Renuka!
    I have learnt a lot of new ideas about travelling and specially solo travelling, even for a woman. I don't understand why people get shocked at "solo travelling"? Even boys don't have the courage to do "solo" things. I am proud of you! You are an amazing traveler!

  • It,s about passion, which keeps us motivated to do things. You are passionate about travelling and that is the guiding force which keeps you moving to different places. Have you ever visited Himachal Pradesh.

  • Yes, it's the sincere passion that takes you places. Yes, I have been to Himachal quite a few times. It's a lovely state. Would love to explore more of it.

  • As you know that I am a newbie to this amazing world of travel blogging. I simply needed this type of post and eventually, I came across it on Facebook. Thanks for motivating me and thanks for proving me right for choosing you my influencer. Thanks a lot.

  • that’s motivating journey of yours.Despite so many hindrance you are enjoying your dream, this is remarkable to say. I wish your journey will keep on as long as you try to be in that one

  • Nice post!
    I agree with your post. It’s really true, anywhere we plan to go one question arises in our mind that how would we manage to travel. I also faced this confusing situation when I went to k2 base camp trek tour. Your tips are useful for every traveler. Thanks for sharing! Nice pictures.

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