Friday, 5 February 2016

Pushkar – ‘Beyond The Ghats’ In 18 Photos

Pushkar had always been on my wish-list. I am not sure what drew me to the little town of temples, but I wanted to make it there once. Everybody told me that there isn’t much to explore other than the Ghats, and that the camel fair is the only time to go there. Well, I have nothing much to say to that. Yes, Pushkar is very small. It’s easily reachable from Ajmer (only 14 km). But if you ask me what it has got to offer beyond the temples and the Ghats, I’d say it has a certain pace of living, which is quite fascinating – the fact that it remains unruffled in the midst of the ‘hippie’ crowd of foreigners makes it even more interesting.

I bring you PUSHKAR through my lens –

Though I didn't try his Kulfi, I'm sure it has the soul of Pushkar in its flavor.
The colorful market lanes - musicians and bikers share a happy space together. 
The oldies club - a nonchalant afternoon of cards.
...while his customers are away...
A wedding in town maybe...? 
The usual market buzz...
Pushkar shopping lanes
Pushkar's old doors 
Some of the old houses have been converted into manufacturing stores
The old buildings of Pushkar
The old residences of Pushkar
The arcs remind of Rajputana architecture
The old balconies of Pushkar
A peep into the lives of shy ladies 
The colors of Pushkar
Pretty knick-knacks 
The aroma of Pushkar 
Yes, Pushkar has a glimpse of street art too.
Did you enjoy 'Pushkar beyond the ghats'? Would you go there just to feel its everyday essence?

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Story Of My Wedlock

Oh yes, I’m hitched! So now you know what has kept me away from blogging in the last few months. Although I missed sharing my adventures of the road, I enjoyed experiencing the ‘new’ adventure of my life – the love that I had been waiting for.

It was an impromptu visit at Taj Krishna when we decided to get engaged. The backdrop couldn’t have been more perfect – the sun had just set, the candles were lit, and the two of us settled down for our coffee. The evening turned out to be so romantic that choosing Taj Krishna for our post-wedding photo shoot was a foregone conclusion.

Enjoy the photos.

Taj Krishna is one of the best post-wedding photo shoot locations in Hyderabad. I thank them for making our special day even more memorable for us. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Joy Of Taking Micro Shots With ‘ZenFone 2 Laser’

Did you always wonder how to take those stunning micro shots with a simple camera? Well, I did until I came across ‘ZenFone 2 Laser’ – a sleek camera phone that makes photography such an easy job!  

Some of its camera features that I really like are ‘Zero Shutter Lag’, which captures every eye-blinking moment with clarity. I also like its ‘Low light mode’ that increases 4X light sensitivity, for both front and rear camera, and not to mention its ‘super resolution mode’, which reveals extraordinary details and clarity.

Well, don’t believe me, just check out some random photos that I have clicked with ZenFone 2 Laser –

So when are you picking up your 'ZenFone 2 Laser'?

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