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6 Most Romantic Places In India

6 Most Romantic Places In India
When you think of romance, what comes to your mind? Well, I think of beauty, magic and love. There are certain places in India that personify romance. I believe these places evoke so much of mellowness that it’s hard to remain indifferent. You simply surrender to the hypnotic beauty around you and allow it numb you for a while.
So while it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I should share with you some of the romantic places in India that I have loved experiencing. But, I have a word of warning for you – Going to these places solo is NOT recommended at all!

Lake Pichola, Udaipur
Ah! The moment I had my first glimpse of Lake Pichola, I simply went berserk with my camera. I couldn’t stop taking pictures till the time the sun hid behind the Aravallis and left behind its poignant hues to leave me more spellbound. The sight of the beautiful Lake Palace hotel settled in the middle of the lake is unique and mesmeric. Besides, the atmosphere of the people sitting quietly by the lake, the buzz of the ferries and the royal air of the City Palace accentuate the joy of being at Lake Pichola.
Marine Drive, Mumbai
A breezy stroll along the Marine Drive pavement introduces you to the simplicity of romance. No wonder the locals hog the site ferociously on any given day. But, it’s a place where you can steal a few quiet moments in the midst of all the noise and commotion. I would say there is a unique charm to the atmosphere. You can sit there for hours and gaze the horizon and still feel there is so much left to discover.
Boulders at Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy Temple, Hampi
I don’t think I was ever at a loss of words and awestruck the way I was at Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy Temple and its boulders, from where I saw the most amorous sunset of my life. Don’t believe me, go and experience it on your own. The way the landscape rests in its nonchalance and the setting of the sun while the moon appears shyly, all of it is sheer poetry transforming into reality.
Golden Temple, Amritsar
How can a religious site be so romantic? I don’t care if I am called crazy, but Golden Temple is divinely romantic. Besides its awe-inspiring reflection in the water, the aura of its ardent devotees and the bare-feet walking add to the charismatic experience.
Backwaters of Kerala
I don’t really need to say much on the romantic quotient of the pristine backwaters of Kerala. Island hopping on a quaint houseboat is an incurably romantic experience. As you float on water, all you witness around is the picturesque fencing of coconut trees and the distant horizon, which solace your heart. It’s like a short trip to paradise.
To make your romantic experience in Kerala even more memorable, consider staying in a houseboat, such as Alleppey Houseboat. I really would like to stay overnight in a houseboat with my partner.

Nandi Hills, Karnataka
Nandi Hills is an endearing short getaway from Bangalore. Particularly loved for its sunsets and sunrises, it’s a place that beckons all the love-sick souls for romantic rendezvous. (Beware of the annoying monkeys, though!)
What’s the most romantic place you have ever visited in India?
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