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Himalaica Luxury Homestay – Your Home In The Kumaon Hills

Himalaica Luxury Homestay – Your Home In The Kumaon Hills

Oh, that homeyness! It melts my heart… The hearth that warms your spirit, the comfort that makes you feel at home and the hospitality so generous make Himalaica one of the finest Luxury Homestays in Kumaon.

When I was invited by Mr Uttam and Ms Shalini Dave to visit their property on Bhowali-Ramgarh Road in Kumaon, I was delighted. I knew I was in for a seriously good time. Himalaica is your perfect gateway to the Kumaon hills. It’s a tastefully built bungalow soaked in lushness and surrounded by pine trees. There’s so much of vintage and British charm incorporated in each corner of the house. The wood and glass design of the property gives it a dreamlike look.

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Himalaica was created for people who love the mountains. It’s your hiding place!

IMG-Himalaica Homestay

Space for different moods

My most favourite thing about Himalaica is that it has different spaces for your different moods. If you are in a mood to read a good book, there’s a reading space where you can sit cosily under a lampshade. It’s a small corner, which is part of the beautiful glass portico. So, the best part is that you can sit inside and still be able to savour the sun and the lushness outside. There’s a small round table in the same glass portico, where you can sit and work. Then there’s a space for just reclining on the sofa and doing nothing.

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IMG-Solo female travel bloggers in India

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So many colours of nature

The outdoor space, which is the garden at Himalaica, is easy on eyes, too. It’s so full of foliage, colours and squeaks of birds. My favourite outdoor locale was the round wooden table, where I sat with my small notebook and penned my random thoughts. I remember there was this one particular day when a beautiful brown bird perched on a bare-branched tree behind me and sang her own melody. It was one of those moments when you actually rendezvous with nature. I think it’s a rare privilege for city folks.

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The crackling fireplace

The living room of Himalaica is definitely one of the best places to enjoy cosy winter evenings. I loved it a lot primarily because of the traditional fireplace, which at my behest, was lit every night. Himalaica was the first place where I found a functional fireplace! So yes, you can curl up with a book in the living room, too. There’s a well-stocked bookcase, which can turn you into an avid reader.

Besides, there’s a separate living room for those who want to watch Television. I had a brief look at it, but did not spend any time there.

IMG-homestays with fireplace

IMG-Homestays in Kumaon

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The delicious Kumaoni food

The dining room and the kitchen are also thoughtfully created with windows that bring in the beauty of the hills and the pines. It’s lovely to have breakfast in the warm morning glow of the sun. The staff at Himalaica is devoted to the house just like their own. Each one of them is keenly involved in taking care of the house. I’m grateful to them for preparing simple, yet delicious Kumaoni food for me, and also a few continental dishes, such as the Shepherd Pie, garlic bread, and sauteed veggies and mushrooms.

IMG-Kumaoni food at Himalaica

IMG-Where to stay in Kumaon

My room, my solitude

And of course, my room! I stayed in a tall glass window room, which had a study table, a bookcase, a couch and a comfy bed. I really loved my room! There was so much to do within my room as well. I could gaze into the blue sky and the pine trees while lounging on the couch, work, read or simply admire the lawn from my window.

Himalaica homestay is more than a homestay because it goes beyond the idea of just a clean bed, bathroom and breakfast. You have the entire house to yourself. The staff is at your service throughout the day. You have all the facilities that you need during the winter, such as the heater, electric blanket and Geyser. And, there’s so much of prettiness to savour.

IMG-Luxury Homestays in Uttarakhand

IMG-Himalaica Luxury Homestay Kumaon

Good for solo travellers, couples and families

I’d also like to mention that it’s a homestay that suits all kinds of travellers. I enjoyed it as a solo traveller, as I had my privacy and freedom to just be and use my time whichever way I wanted. I lazed around, read, did my work and went for nature walks whenever I felt like. Himalaica would be a lovely vacation place for a family too, as there’s so much of space for a group to sit together and chill. There are three effervescent dogs by the names of Lama, Cyber and Raja who would love to prance around you and give you company. Also, a couple can spend a romantic time together in a homey setup.

IMG-the hosts at Himalaica Luxury Homestay

So yes, Himalaica is your home away from home in the hills of Kumaon. It’s your abode of comfort, luxury and relaxation. You have a small market nearby for all your needs. You also have the option of exploring Shyamkhet, the village and the tea garden nearby.

Would you like to experience staying at Himalaica?

Note: I visited Himalaica on invitation. However, I chose to write about the property only because I really enjoyed my stay.

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