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The Ultimate Packing List For Solo Travellers

The Ultimate Packing List For Solo Travellers

Solo travel is so much fun. Even packing for a solo trip is exciting. I know it can be a little exasperating sometimes, especially if it’s your first solo trip. However, it is fun! Just remember that whenever you decide to travel solo, it is the best decision of your life and you should let the adventure happen!

So, here’s the ultimate packing list for solo travellers –

Packing list for solo travellers

There are people who stress a lot over what to pack and what to leave behind. But, I guess packing can be easy if you make a list of things that you want to take along before you actually begin the process. Also, packing your suitcase at least a couple of days before your departure date is a good idea.

So, whether you are an organised soul who ticks off a checklist or you are someone spontaneous, this guide will help you pack smartly for a solo trip –

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Comfy shoes

Your choice of shoes, in my opinion, is extremely important for a good solo trip. A bad pair of shoes can spoil the whole experience because you end up walking a lot on a solo trip (at least, I do that a lot). So, make sure you carry a really comfy pair of shoes.


Duh… I know it’s a no-brainer. But, packing the right kind of clothes is essential because when you are travelling solo, you want your life to be as simple as possible. I wouldn’t say that you should pack less, but you should pack smart like carry a quick-drying towel than a regular one.

Pack according to the weather, the theme of your trip and your destination. But I guess carrying a jacket is always good irrespective of the weather.

Also, pack at least one extra top/shirt, a pair of pants or jeans and undergarments. Washing clothes on travel is not a good practice. Keep a separate laundry bag for used clothes.

Camera, battery, extra memory cards, etc

Photography is a very ‘solo’ job. You get the freedom to take lots of pictures whenever and wherever. So, make sure you are well-equipped to take pictures on your trip – camera, battery (one extra would be better) and at least 2-3 memory cards would be just perfect.

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Phone, charger and a power bank

When you travel solo, you end up using your phone a lot – music, videos, photos, social media, emails, etc., and you don’t want a drained battery. So, make sure you have a power bank to keep your phone charged all the time.

Good music

Ah… good music is as essential to me as a pair of good walking shoes. Yes, music has helped me cope up with so much on the road! Whether it was those long and bumpy roads of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir, or filthy trains through India, music has been my constant comfort.

IPad or a handy laptop for movies

It’s always good to keep a collection of some good movies on your iPad or a laptop for those hours of boredom – long plane/train journeys, layovers or post-dinner time in your hotel room.

A good book

Although I’m not much of a reader, I’d recommend a good book like hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Yes, it’s important to carry a book that you can get addicted to – an unputdownable sort, on your solo trip.

A good backpack bag

Most solo travellers like to keep everything in a big backpack, which they can easily carry everywhere. However, there are some who like to drag a suitcase, which is fine. I like to carry a suitcase wherever I go. But, it’s a good idea to take a backpack bag for day trips or short trips. It’s so easy to move around with all your stuff in a small bag, which you can carry on your back without a hassle.

I did my Adelaide and Padavedu trip with just a small bag, and it was so comfortable to move around.

What to pack for a solo trip

Shades, a scarf, sunscreen and a cap

You can’t avoid the sun on your travels. And, if you are prone to headaches while in the sun for long hours, a pair of good shades and a cap/hat are so important. Women should carry a scarf, which serves many purposes – helps you protect against the harsh sun, dust and you can use it to cover your head while visiting a religious site.

Ready-to-eat food for travel

Having hot, home-style food in your hotel room is a rarity, right? How about packing ‘ready-to-eat’ food in your suitcase? Although I like to try the local cuisine of a place, there are times when I crave for ‘my kind of food’. You don’t need to pacify your hunger with whatever is available. Something like FRESHWAY Foods come in handy at such times. You can cook your own food within just a few minutes!

So, packing a bit of ‘homeyness’ in your suitcase isn’t a bad idea.

Packing guide for solo travellers

Notebook, pen and important printouts

Jotting things down on a paper is important on a solo trip. Make sure you have written down the phone numbers of your main contacts and other important stuff that you need to refer to all through your trip – hotel contacts, travel agent contacts, etc. You should also take printouts of your tickets, hotel bookings, maps, identity proofs, and your itinerary.

Water bottle

You cannot do without water, can you? So, instead of buying water all the time, keep your own water bottle, which you can refill whenever you want. It’s quite easy to fill your bottle in the morning at the hotel and set out for the day.

Travel wallet & money belt

It’s good to carry a travel wallet, which can keep all your cards, money and other stuff safely. I usually like to carry all my important stuff with me all the time. I think you can also wear a money belt around your waist to keep your money safe.

First-aid kit

Take all the basic medicines, and stuff like pain balm, bandage, energy drink sachet and disinfectant with you. When you fall sick on your travels, you should be able to help yourself while a doctor is not in your immediate reach.

Besides, you should also carry stuff like mosquito repellent, tissues and wipes.

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In terms of toiletries, try to carry everything in small pouches or bottles – shampoo sachets, moisturizer, face wash, soap, etc. Avoid taking anything that’s too bulky and may take lots of space in your suitcase.

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Torch, Swiss knife and a lighter

Depending on the kind of trip you are taking, stuff like a torch, Swiss knife and a lighter can be really useful.

So, that was my list of things to carry on a solo trip.

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