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Where To Travel SOLO In India?

Where To Travel SOLO In India?
In my post ‘5 Best Solo Travel Destinations In India’ I mentioned places that are suitable for easy and comfy solo travel in India. Today, I’d like to talk about some more places in India that are also quite apt for travelling alone. Before I unravel the places ideal for solo travel in India, let me suggest you to be confident and courageous about the whole concept of solo travel. I often get asked how to travel solo and whether India is safe for female solo travellers. Well, I have only one answer – Just do it!
Okay now, let’s focus on the destinations –
North India
If you ask me where to travel solo in North India, my instant response would be Sikkim. Of course, it’s in Northeast India to be precise, but let’s consider it in North India. Gangtok is the perky capital of Sikkim, where you can enjoy café hopping, shopping and maybe clubbing. The rest of the state of Sikkim is quite rural and thus, pristinely picturesque and peaceful.
Sikkim is suitable for female solo travel for many reasons – people are respectful, good and safe accommodation options are available, and lastly, nobody gets too surprised to see a woman travelling alone.
Read my earlier posts to know what to explore in Sikkim –
Perhaps Rajasthan is the easiest destination for solo travel. Besides the popular cities like Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, there are also many interesting villages to explore in Rajasthan. I’d say solo travel is a joy in a state like Rajasthan, which is so obviously enchanting and yet a little secretive.
Why is Rajasthan ideal for female solo travel – it’s a state that values its culture and traditions, tourists are respected and there are lots of safe and quality stay options available.
East India
The Offbeat Darjeeling
Darjeeling is a charmingly beautiful district in West Bengal. To explore its real beauty, avoid the beaten path and follow the trails that are lesser known, such as Kurseong – a modest town that remains hidden under the shadow of the more ‘touristic’ Darjeeling Town, and then there are villages like Dilaram Village, Lamahattaand also quite a few beguiling tea estates.
A solo traveller would love Darjeeling because – the people are nice and friendly, there are lots of scenic places to explore on foot and home stays are beginning to emerge gradually.
West India
Besides Mumbai, which is known to be the safest city in India, there are various other towns and regions in Maharashtra that are quite inviting for solo travel. You can start with something popular like Matheran and then head towards the rural Maharashtra to unearth its hidden gems. Places like Alibaug and Murud are quiet and modest, which any solo traveller would love to explore.
Solo travel in Maharashtra is cool because – the people are chilled out, there is no apparent nuisance of any sort and nobody bothers to even look at you!
The ‘party-goers’ and the ‘boozers’ Goa is just the gloss on the face of the genuine Goa. In my opinion, if you choose to skip the parties and the hippie beaches, Goa is so much more beautiful and highly recommended for solo travel. There is the countryside Goa and then there is the Portuguese Goa, which can be easily explored on a bike (or bicycle).
Why is it easy to travel alone in Goa – the locals are friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is peaceful and there are quite a few family-based home stays to choose from.
South India
As far as my experiences go, Karnataka is the best state for solo travel in South India. From a big metropolitan city like Bangalore to a heritage village like Hampi, Karnataka brims with quirky places for solo travellers. If you choose to go off the beaten path, consider going to Dandeli in North Karnataka, which is an incredibly beautiful place ideal for trekking and adventure.
Solo travel is amazing in Karnataka because – most of the places are tourist friendly, lots of food options, people are nice and the transport connectivity is quite good, too.
Do you have more suggestions for solo travel in India?
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36 thoughts on “Where To Travel SOLO In India?”

  • This is a super helpful post, Renuka! India is a country that I definitely want to visit one day soon, but it is also a country that greatly intimidates me. Part of it is surely that I don't know a whole lot about the country and its culture, but another part is definitely that India seems so very different from everything I know – but that's probably precisely the reason why I should visit! 🙂 I'll definitely be sure to check out all your suggestions once I do get around to planning a trip to India! 🙂

  • I'm so glad to know that you found this post helpful. 🙂 Melanie, all I want to tell you today is that traveling to India will be one of your best decisions in life. It's an amazing country! Yes, there are many annoying things to deal with, too. But I guess, no country is perfect. Solo travel in India is fantastic as long as you research and plan properly.

  • Renuka, I love India, and I think it's high time I head back there. You mention so many places that I want to go. This is a great post, since India has gotten some bad publicity lately. I think it's important to know that it is safe. I agree….go!

  • Great Post, Renuka! Thanks for sharing your views. It will help a lot. I personally feel the same about Rajasthan and Sikkim. And I am planning for a solo travel to Darjeeling which I had visited a long time ago in my childhood 🙂

  • For some reason I've always been so intimidated by the thought of traveling in India. I'm not sure why, it just seems like it can be a really challenging country to explore. It's so refreshing to hear that solo travel is so easily done in India. I honestly wouldn't have expected that (before I started reading your blog, that is!) but it just makes me want to book a ticket to India and start exploring!!

  • Absolutely Justine! Solo travel in India is as easy as in any other country. It's all about the willingness to explore, and of course, planning your travel properly.

  • Hi Renuka
    Thank you for you post. I'm thinking about taking the leap of faith and booking a ticket to India in February. I was thinking of going to kerela area. What are your thoughts about this? If there are any female travelers that are planning a trip in feb and March please let me know and I'd love to meet up.

  • Hey Jakie! Glad that you're coming down to India and visiting Kerala. It's a very beautiful state. North Kerala is pretty safe for women travelers. Can't say much about South Kerala. I have been to Cochin (Kochi) and the backwaters of Kerala and I enjoyed a lot. I don't know if any group of female travelers are going there or not. All I would like to advise you is to research well about where you are going, your accommodation and the transport.

  • Sikkim is definitely on my list. I have also heard that Himachal and some parts of Uttarakhand are pretty safe for solo travellers. Technically, Sikkim falls into the Eastern region, I think. 🙂

  • Great!…I would suggest you to include Zanskar valley(Rangdum and Padum) in your itinerary if you have enough time..its kind of offbeat destination and landscapes are out of the world 🙂

  • Hi Renuka. I loved your post. I am planning for solo travel to Sikkim for pang Lhabsol festival in august end. How is the transport facility within Sikkim? Should I rely only on cab? Pls give your inputs.

  • Hi Geeta, Sikkim is a wonderful place for solo travelers. I'm sure you will enjoy a lot. As far as transport is concerned, shared taxis are cheap, but I'd advise you to book 2 seats every time you travel. That way you will get more space to sit comfortably.

  • Hi Renuka. I have been planning a solo trip to Sikkim for a while now. One thing I've been confused about is the journey to NJP (I'll be travelling from Kolkata). Is it safe to take an overnight train (say, sleeper class) alone? What would you suggest?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, an overnight train should be okay, but don't opt for sleeper class. Book in AC 3 or 2. Sikkim is safe for women. However, book your accommodation in advance. Try staying at a home stay.

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